We offer various wedding packages and special ricing

Bettis Floral Event Design is the only comprehensive event design company in Pittsurgh. We collaborate with our clients from the initial concept design to implementation of the event and all of this process from beginning to the end is backed by our own in house products and services. When you come to Bettis Floral Event Design you do not need to be running around co-ordinate all the decor related vendors yourself, we will do it for you.

Over the years, Bettis Floral also developed a reputation of being reasonable with our value added services. We cater to each bride with professionalism and treat everyone regardless of budget with upmost respect and attention to details. We have developed various comprehensive event packages that help our new age bride with busy work life and schedules to be able to simplify the wedding decor planning process.

You may see our extensive portfolio by simple click on the Facebook page link. Please feel free to reach out to us thru email or private message thru Facebook to inquire about our complete products and services and also our pricing for various packages.